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Do you:

  • Want to share your love of psychic phenomena with your website visitors?
  • Want to let people know that you are associated with Psychic Expos?
  • Want to get a higher Google rank for your web site?

If you have answered YES to any of the above questions, you may want to put a link on your website to the Psychic Expo website.

Research has shown that websites that offer links, and especially relevant links to popular sites, will get a higher Google ranking than the same site without applicable links. So, by linking to Psychic Expos you not only let the world know that you are a connected with a great community of psychics you are also bumping your website to a higher ranking.

This page will teach you how to link your website to

You don't have to be an HTML expert.

Simply copy the text from the text box below, and paste it into the source code of the web page you've created.


 <a href="">Psychic Expo</a>

After you've successfully copied the text above into the source code of your webpage, you should be able to publish the page as you normally would. Your new link to us should be visible on your website.

Thank you for supporting our website by adding our link to yours. Please contact us if you feel that there is any way we can return the favour.

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