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Trusted psychics and mediums doing tarot, palmistry, astrology, aura and angel readings.
Since 1988 our Psychic Expos have become a great attraction for those interested in psychic phenomena and the paranormal. At the show you can get private, recorded readings with credible, experienced, international psychics. Attend psychic demonstrations and enjoy a unique selection of new age books, unique crystals and jewellery.



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Crystals and Gemstones


Communicate with spirit


Past, present, future


Hands On Healing

hand on healing

This technique clears the body of energy blockages and restores harmony throughout the physical body. The tuning forks used, correspond to the Tibetan Bells used in Tibet for healing purposes. The sounds from the tuning forks are a combination of seven, sonic, whole notes and are placed on and around the seven main chakras, or energy centres of the human body. This strengthens the life energy, or aura. Sound healing is combined with hands-on-healing to promote an increased flow of energy.


Light and Sound Healing

sound healing

Tarot Reading

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Palmistry -The meaning of the lines in your hand


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