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Since 1988 our Psychic Expos have become a great attraction for those interested in psychic phenomena and the paranormal. Come to the
Psychic Expos to meet credible, experienced, international psychics who offer private, taped readings.


The Psychic Expos features professional psychic readers, a wide selection of new age books and tarot decks, and unique clothing and jewellery.


Discover over 25 exhibitors including: readers, mediums, palmists, psychic healing, reiki, spirit communication, crystals, wands, jewellery, incense and essential oils.    


Attend free hourly lectures and demonstration with experts in the areas of psychic, clairvoyant, past lives, auras, mediumship, animal communication, astrology, tarot cards, runes, books, healing, and past lives.


At the show, you will be entered into the hourly draws for free readings, astrology charts.


One time admission covers the whole weekend! Pay once and come back as many times as you want!


The Psychic Expos feature all kinds of readers using various methods and tools. It is fun to see what’s in store for you!


Internationally known psychics.



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The tarot is the most commonly used tool at the psychic fair. It's messages are represented in symbols, which vary depending on the type of deck being used.

Psychics may have many decks to work with, or they may choose to work only with their favourite deck. The original tarot deck was simply a deck of cards. This evolved into one of the most well-known decks, the Rider-Waite tarot deck. Today there is a varied and interesting assortment of divinatory tarot decks.

The cards are spread on the table in patterns. They can be used to look more deeply into a specific area of your life, or they can be arranged to look at the past, present and future.

As with any form of divination, the future is not written in stone. The cards simply point to possible outcomes. The psychic, without judgement or attachment, may be able to see the path in front of you more clearly than you can.

tarot warning

They may affirm to you that things ahead look good, or warn you of something. A good comparison is to imagine someone calling out to you, "Watch out for that puddle!" They cannot take the puddle away, but the warning may help you to step around the puddle -or whatever situation it would be better to avoid.

During a tarot reading, the psychic will look at your health, finances, love life, and other relationships. They will describe things that have happened, are happening now, and most interesting of all: what is in your future.

If you become interested in the tarot deck and want to learn about it yourself you will be thrilled with the variety of beautiful and interesting decks available. However you will discover that it is difficult, if not impossible, to read yourself. When trying to read ourselves we are attached to the outcome and it clouds our ability to be objective.

It is easy to get a book about the tarot and learn it intellectually. Psychics go beyond intellect and look at the cards intuitively, and give you information from a source that is beyond the physical and the intellectual.The psychic will offer possibilities for overcoming challenges, or point out opportunities that you may be missing.


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