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Who will be at the Psychic Expo?
International psychic readers doing private readings and demonstrations on: clairvoyance, tarot, palmistry, auras, past lives, numerology, astrology, crystal and angel readings, mediumship, animal and spirit communication. Product vendors selling books and tarot cards, crystals and unique clothing and jewellery.

What happens at the  Psychic Expo?
The following video is a great introduction to the psychic expos.
Take a look so you will know what to expect when you come to the show. 

Show me a video about the Psychic Expos!

How much is admission to the psychic expo?
The admission is $10 and is good for all three days. It includes the hourly lectures and public demonstrations. Demonstrations start in the evening on Friday. TIP: Often the psychics will give short, sample readings to volunteers in the audience during the lectures and demonstrations. It’s a chance to get a free mini-reading and a great way learn about the psychics.

Where do I get my admission discount coupon and free crystal?
Go to the admission coupon page and print it out. Take it with you to the show and you will receive a free crystal and two dollars off your admission.

What do I get with admission?
You get into the show for all three days and have access to top psychics and unique products; you get into all the hourly lectures and demonstrations; and are entered into the hourly draw for a free astrology report.

Are there costs other than admission?
Private psychic readings with professional psychics do cost extra and readings are usually recorded. Pricing is determined by each vendor and depends on the length and type of reading. Products for sale include crystals, unique clothing and other novel items. Many crystals are very affordable. You will also discover a wide selection of interesting books and tarot decks available for purchase.

How much do readings cost?
Readings vary in price from $10 -$80 depending on the type and length of the reading. (i.e. 10 minutes to ½ hour) The prices are set independently by each reader, based on the services they provide. TIP: Some psychic readers offer discount coupons on their websites.

What kind of payment will be accepted?
Some psychic readers and product vendors accept credit and debit cards, but not all. There is often an ATM in the building, but if not, there are ATM's nearby.

What are the hours of the show?
Friday 12 -9 pm
Saturday 11-9 pm
Sunday 11-7 pm

Do I need to make an appointment in advance?
No, you can book a reading at the show. However, we do recommend coming early in the day because the show does get busy.

How do I book a reading at the show?
Each psychic has literature at their booth telling you about their background, the type of reading they offer, the length of the reading and the cost. You can pick this information up at the front of their booth and relax in the seating area while you learn about the various psychics. Once you have decided who you would like to get a reading with, sign up for a reading at the psychic’s booth on the sign up sheet provided.

Can I book a reading in advance?
Yes, especially if you are only able to come at certain times. That way you will be guaranteed a reading. Check out the listing of psychics on this site and contact them to see if they will be at the show you are planning to attend.

Are there more psychics attending the show than those listed on your site?
Yes, we often we have many more psychics attending the show. Typically, a smaller show will have 15-20 psychics, while a larger one will have 20-30.

Will everyone listed on your website be at the show?
Not all the psychics readers exhibit at all the shows. However, you can come to the show with confidence that we are providing the best professional psychics available for that show!

Is there an admission charge for children?
There is no charge for children under 12 when accompanied by a paying adult. Please remember that the psychics are recording their readings so if your child begins to make some noise please take them out of the room.

Is there a schedule for the lectures and demonstrations?
The schedule will be posted in the afternoon on Friday and displayed just outside the lecture area. Demonstrations start at 7pm on Friday, 1pm on Saturday and 1pm on Sunday and run hourly. Topics include clairvoyance, tarot, palmistry, auras, past lives, numerology, astrology, crystal and angel readings, mediumship, and animal and spirit communication. TIP: Demonstrations are included with the admission, so come early to take in as many lectures as possible. It is a great way to sample the psychics at the show.

How do I sign up to receive email notices and what will you send?
Enter your email in the box up and to the right on this screen and choose the cities you are interested in. We will send you updates reminding you when the next psychic expo is in that city, including admission discounts and free stuff! We will also send you information on special events featuring leaders in the field of psychic phenomena and personal development. WE NEVER SHARE YOUR INFORMATION.


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