Your Romance, Relationships, and Seduction Secrets!

Special ProductOnly $19.99 for all 6 full page reports, - created especially for you based on the exact time and location of your birth and where the stars were at that time! PLUS you will receive a Pink Rose Quartz Love Crystal or Grey Hematite Attraction Crystal

You will receive a full page report on each of the following:

ROMANCE Your deepest desires, emotional needs, ways of thinking, how you attract love, how you express love.

PSYCHIC SECRETS What satisfies your soul, what makes you feel secure, how your mind works. Do you really know yourself?

RELATIONSHIPS How you are affected by people born on specific dates, how you react to them -a unique personal guide.

RELATIONSHIPS II A comparison of your natal chart with other charts. Lists specific dates, and how you will relate to people born on or around those dates.

SEDUCTION SECRETS (X-RATED) The types you fall for, the image you project, your emotional responses, what turns you on, what kinky fantasies you may dream up or act out.

TAROT An actual tarot reading based on cards chosen for you at the time of your reading. See your past, present and future...... its in the cards!

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